18 Dec 2011

University of Huelva

The University of Huelva (UHU) is a public University and it has 3 different campus, located in Huelva and La Rábida (Palos de la Fronteria).
These campus are:

Campus "El Carmen"
It´s located close to the main entrance of Huelva, and it´s the biggest one. There you can find the faculties of Education sciences, humanities, the law school, work sciences, experimental sciences, nursery school... as well as the central library, several canteens, the pedagogical museum, the international office, the SACU, CARUH, an informatic systems building, and some other important buildings.

If you are going to study in El Carmen and you would like to live close, the most popular areas are Los Rosales, Isla Chica, Nuevo Parque and Fuentepiña, located between 5 and 20 minutes by foot from there.
If you decided to live in the city center or in another area, there are several buses that link the campus with these areas from 07:00 till 23:00 approximately.

Campus "La Merced"
Its located in Plaza de la Merced, close to the city center and the cathedral.
Actually its not a campus, its just the bussines and tourism school, where most of erasmus students have their lessons.

If you are going to study in La Merced, you can rent a flat in La Merced, Molino de la Vega or in the city center.

Campus "La Rábida"
Its located outside the city, in Palos de la Frontera municipality (8km from Huelva), so you have to take a bus.

If you are going to study there, its better to rent a flat close to the bus station, that is close to the city center and La Merced.


  1. Thank you for this interesting post! Which area do you think is the coolest to live in? Where you can maybe reach the supermarket fast, or go for a run or have a cute café around the corner? And do you think it's possible to ride your bike instead of the bus? I would like to hear your opinion on that! Thank you!

  2. Well, Id say La Merced, since you have everything close: bus station, city center, pubs, clubs, cafes...
    About the bikes... there are some bike roads in Huelva, specially from the University´s main campus, so yes, its possible, the only negative thing is that maybe, if you live in La Merced, you have an incline road and, believe me, its quite hard to ride the University bike there xd

  3. Ah good to know! Thank you for your fast answer! I'm really looking forward to Huelva.