16 Dec 2011

Welcome to Huelva / Bienvenido a Huelva

Hi guys!

If you are reading this article, probably you are going to be an international student in Huelva soon, and probably you didn´t choose our city as your first destination, so you don´t know what´s going on here...

Maybe you choose this city because you want to live by the sea, improve your Spanish skills, or live in a tropical area in the south of Spain that it´s always warm and sunny, so you can go to the beach in December or January.

Well, first thing that you need to know, there is NO beach in Huelva (a lot of people don´t know that), so you need to go to Punta Umbría, Mazagón or another town to see the sea. Huelva has a port, but that´s all.
Fortunately, beaches are pretty close and there is one bus to the beach every hour (sometimes even every 30 minutes), and it cost 1.50€.
If you get the bus card, free of charge, you will pay 1.02€ for the same trip, so you can save some money.

About the Spanish language, maybe Andalussia is not the best part to learn if you just know standard Spanish.
We speak fast, we use different words and we cut the sentences, so sometimes could be difficult for you to understand the people, however, the andalussian Spanish is really nice, and if you can understand it, you will be able to understand everybody in every single part of Spain.
If you just speak English or another language, note that here almost nobody can speak and understand English, so try to learn some basic spanish sentences before your arrival.

Finally, and really important... Huelva IT IS COLD in winter.
Probably your country is colder, since here we don´t have snow, and the temperature is never in minus, but sometimes we have 7-8º and high humidity, so please, bring your jackets with you!.


  1. 1) There is no beach in Huelva but there are beaches very close (15/20min by bus. It´s closer than Campus El Carmen from City Center (30/35min).

    2) Huelva it ISN´T COLD in Winter. Huelva is one of the warmest cities in Spain and has a "light" winter. Huelva is also the most sunny city in Spain with more than 3000 hours.

  2. Of course the beaches are close, but not in the city, it was just for people to know.

    And about temperature... as I said, we don't get minus or snow, but sometimes it's cold, specially with our flats, without central heating systems.

    I wrote that because some people came to Huelva with no jackets, expecting to have 20º all year long, and that's not the reality.

  3. how can those peoples know that , there is no beach who are not live in this city, but thankful to you that you made it easy to know for students, what is the process for international students and for residence students, both are same or not?

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