17 Dec 2011

Prices in Huelva

With this post you can have an idea about the prices for students. Huelva is a cheap city, and find accommodation here its quite easy.

- Room in a shared flat: 140-180€/month
- Bills (water, electricity and gas): 20-40€/month (per person)
- Internet: 8-15€/mes (per person)
- Gym: 15-60€/month
- City Bus: 1.10€ with single ticket, 0.65€ with bonobus or 22€ per month with your student card.
- Rent a bike at the university: 20€/semester (limited number of bikes!!!)
- Entrance to clubs: 0-10€ (usually, 0€).
- Long drinks: 2-7€
- Shots: 0,50-2€
- Beer / Soft drink: 0,80-3€
- Tapas: 0,80-3€
- Cinema ticket: 5.00-9.00€
- Menu at the university: 4.50-5.50€ (including bread, drink and dessert).
- Photocopies: 0.02-0.10€
- Packet of cigarretes: 3.35- 6.00€, depending of the brand.
- Bottle of vodka: 3.50 - 15€
- Litre of milk: 0.55 - 1.20€
- Litre of red wine: 0.65 - 1.20€

That´s all. If you need something else, you can leave a comment ;).


  1. I am sure you can get prepaid sim cards for the mobile phone, right? Do you have the option to pay a certain amount (for example 30 euro) and you have unlimited calls, texts and internet with your mobile phone (we have this in Germany and I would like to use my phone in Huelva too :-) )Can you tell me a bit about mobile phone prices there? thanks!!

  2. I was thinking about write a new post about it, so Im going to do it now. Unfortunately, we dont have these promotions for prepaid cards, just 4 "pay monthy" plans

  3. Can you possibly name some of the gyms and their address and prices?

  4. Hey!! Sorry for the late reply, but here we go.
    There are a lot of small gyms around the city, with prices around 40-50€ per month, so you can check if there is some of them close to your house, then Im going to tell u about the best options I think:

    1. The cheapest (15€ per month) is the University gym, in El Carmen campus.
    Is really small, but not so many ppl go, so if u just want to train a little bit just with machines, would be ok.

    2. El Saladillo. That´s my favourite, is just in front of El Carmen campus and is huge.
    It has all the machines, lessons, swimming pool, water activities, tennis, football and paddle courts..
    It has different prices, but is really cheap if u buy the morning ticket.
    You can check all the details here: http://www.elsaladillo.es/

    3. O2 Wellness centre. Is the other big gym in Huelva, close to the city center. Is more expensive than the others, but is nice and offer a lot of things to do.
    Check it here: http://www.o2centrowellness.com/huelva/principal/index.asp

  5. HEy!
    Will be in huelva next semester and i am interested in the gym you described.
    With the "manana" ticket, till when is morning ? And does it include the courses like Body bump/pilates etc.? How long is the contract, is it possible to only to it for 5-6 months?

    1. Hey!

      The ticket is 28,68€ per month, and includes everything except tennis, padel or football courts (you will have a special price if you want to rent them).
      I´m just not sure till when is available, but Id say till 13:00 or 14:00.
      About the contract, usually is a monthly contract so it will be fine.

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