17 Jun 2012

City Buses in Huelva

Huelva is not a big city, so you can go by foot everywhere, but sometimes you have to walk for 40-50 minutes, so if you want you can use the public transportation system.

We don´t have metro or tram, but we have 9 lines of citybus and taxis.

Taxis are available 24 hours, and you can find them in several taxi stops around the city or order one by telephone.
A taxi in Huelva usually cost between 4€ and 8€, being more expensive during the night or in public holiday.

Most of buses start around 06:30 and finish around 23:00, so there are no buses during the night.
The prices are:
- Single ticket: 1.10€
- Bonobus: 0.65€ (you can buy your bonobus in most of kiosks or tobacco shops, paying 6.50€ for 10 trips).
- Student bus card. If you use the bus a lot, that´s your best solution. You can get your student bus card at EMTUSA (in the main city bus station), and you will pay 22€ per month (unlimited rides).

You can find more information and timetables, in Spanish and English in this link: http://www.emtusahuelva.es/pagina.aspx?id=27

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