30 Jun 2012

Curiosities about appartments in Huelva

I have been thinking about what else should I write here, and maybe there are some things in the appartments that will be strange o new for you.

For example, to take a shower.
Here, some appartment have gas instalation, and some others electrical heaters, but more than 70% of flat Id say, have our friend "la bombona" (gas bottle).

For some people this thing is really strange at the beggining, and some erasmus think that its dangerous or annoying, but be prepared, because probably you will have this kind of bottle in your appartment.

I reccommend you to buy always two, so if one it´s finished, you can change it and have more hot water.
After that, you can call to order a new one, or go to the petrol station with your empty bottle to change it.
The price for one is, right now, 17,49€.


Another thing that is not that common in most of Europe in to have a blind.
Well, I have to say I missed them on my erasmus, cause I don´t like to have light in my room at 07:00am :P

With Spanish blinds you don´t have to worry about it, so you can sleep longer after the parties!


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  1. Carrying bombonas is very good practice ! I really recommend it ! :D