4 Jul 2012

Mobile phone in Spain

Hello again!!

Today, Id like to talk a little bit about the telephone companies in Spain, so you can have an idea.

Here we have expensive companies if you compare with most of European countries, and if you want to call, you have to pay 0.15€ + VAT just to start the conference.

The normal price for a national SMS is also 0.15€ + VAT, and the price per minute depends on the company and the offer.

Fortunately, in the last years we are getting cheaper prices thanks to the new low cost companies.
Here you can find 4 big companies, with their own red, they are Movistar, Vodafone, Orange and Yoigo.
Also you can find a lot of virtual companies like Simyo, Pepephone, Carrefour movil, Lebara, Dia Movil, Amena, Jazztel Movil...

Some good offers right now for prepaid customers are:

* Yoigo: In Huelva, most of erasmus students used to have Yoigo, since they had quite good prices for the clients who use prepaid cards, like 0.08€/min and 0.08€/sms, and you can have unlimited internet on your phone paying 8€ per month. You have several shops in the city, so you don´t have to order the sims online.

* Tuenti Móvil: They offer 1gb of internet + calls for 0.03€/min for 6€ per month, or 1gb of internet and 50 free minutes for 9€ (remember, when you get free minutes, you don´t have to pay the 0.15€ to start the call, otherwise you will always have to pay).
You can buy the sim card in every Movistar shop in the city, or order it online.

* Vodafone: Paying 8€ per month you get 500mb of internet, 20 free sms and 20 free minutes to any national number. If you need more, you can also check the Smart 12 and Smart 16 plans, where you will pay more and get more internet, minutes and sms (You will find a lot of Vodafone shops in Huelva, so you can just go and buy one simcard).

* Másmóvil: You can get good prices, like calls from 3 cent/minute and internet from 1.50€ per month (150mb, and a good price if you don´t use it a lot) till 14.90€ per month (1gb, and quite expensive if you compare with other companies).
You can also find a few shops where you can ask and compare.

* Orange: This company offers, for prepaid customes, their Whale plan, where you get 1gb, 1000 sms and calls for 0.01€/min paying 12€ per month, or another plan where you will pay 2€ per week, having sms and calls for 0.01€ and 100mb of internet every week.
If you don´t need to use internet, you can have calls and sms for 0.01€ paying 1€ per week.

* Simyo. They offer a plan where you can call people from the same company for free, and people from the other companies for 0.05€/min, and they give you 100mb of internet for free.
You don´t have to pay a fee, and you just have to spend 3.99€ per month or they will take it anyway if you don´t do it.
Simyo doesn´t have shops, so you will have to order the sims online.

We also have plans where you pay, for example 25€ and you can use unlimited internet and make unlimited calls with your phone, and some others when you pay 10, 15 or 20€ and you get, for example 350 minutes per month to call and internet in some cases.
Unfortunately, these plans are just available for the people who select the "pay monthly" services.


  1. thanks for the fast info, thats excactly what I needed, youre the best :) Cathrin (Germany)

  2. What about Digi Mobile? How are their prices in Spain?

  3. Well, it´s the 1st time that I heard about them, but it seems is oriented to Romanian ppl who live in Spain, since u got 2 different numbers in the same simcard; one Spanish and one Romanian.
    You can check all their prices in their web (in Spanish and Romanian): http://www.digimobil.es/